Above is a piece where I used glue as a base and poured coloured plaster of paris over it. The effect was kind of a globular marbling effect which I promptly fell in love with. Painting for me is an extension of sculpture, and I love to explore its limitations.

Climbing / Texture / Music / Love


Lessons in Solitude (2016)
Hessian, house paint, cardboard, string, twigs.
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I wanted my art to re-introduce texture into our internal (physical / mental ) environments.

My love for all these activities binds this practice together:

  • Music introduces texture into our environments – intentional texture… we take sound and re-mould it.
  • Our unintentional sounds of living (see John Cage’s anechoic chamber) are re-organised. The content exists but we re-shape it.
  • Climbing requires one to observe and to feel the surface texture of objects. I will often, even when not climbing, find myself exploring the grooves of rock surfaces. Are they smooth or rough? Have they slowly been eroded or are their edges sharp to the touch?

Hey it’s Charlie

Hello world!

This is my first obligatory post for my new blog.

A little bit about me and what I want this to be:

I love processes, I also love being outdoors, and conversation (my recent personality test revealed that I’m a ‘debater’). I thrive on engagement. I’m hoping that this blog can provide a base for insight – from others into my art – for myself into the world.

This is scary – I usually do this while reading, quietly, trying not to offend others… but I’ve realised recently that this allows me to hang onto my thoughts – whether they are flawed or not – it has allowed me to build a shell within which I can keep the same, stagnant ideas. This is an attempt to be more in flux, less solid.

The main things I will be posting will be art and music related, and possible bullet-journal related. Well – probably – it is my favourite method of keeping track of things.

So – if you are reading this – welcome – and I hope you enjoy!

Lots of Love