I’m Charlie – a Multimedia Artist.

Originating in Jo’burg, I’ve moved to Cape Town to further make music and create immersive and interactive exhibits.


Art & Design

Having exhibited at a variety of Galleries – amongst those being Kelvin Corner, Michaelis Galleries and East London Art Gallery, and designed for a variety of commissions and collaborations, I’d love to hear what your art and design needs might be.

Conceptualisation, Writing, and Concept Art.

A lateral thinker, I can take ideas and combine them in multiple ways.

Social Media & Copy

I currently manage the social media for JustSketchMe, FigureandLifeDrawingCT, Charlotte_Martinson, Charcoal_Music, and have managed the social media for Moon Kalk Bay. My approach to social media marketing and copy is to take a holistic approach, and love to get involved in small businesses and projects.

Game Design

I have skills in creating 2D graphics for games for use in Unity.


Freelance Illustrator, Artist, and Game Designer.

Having graduated with my BA Fine Arts in Painting at Michaelis, I had to acknowledge that I would like to immerse my professional practise in a more holistic way – and started experimenting with the idea of immersive and interactive exhibits.

Essay Reviewer at Smarthinking

As an essay reviewer I learnt a thing or two about editing and reviews. My love for literature and stories has followed through in my work, interests and passions. I have a keen eye for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes and can provide excellent input into crafting stories.

Freelance Events & Open Mics

In the past I’ve taken part in hosting events, workshops, exhibitions and open mics. One of my core beliefs is that art cannot exist within a vacuum and therefore when creating I often seek collaborators to bounce ideas against, or an audience to perform with. I am attracted to lively and individual ideas.


I currently host online workshops in collaboration with the Academy of Digital Arts. My love for connecting with a community comes from tutoring and facilitation in school and at the NGO Lalela. During my time at Lalela I learnt about connecting with my audience. It taught me a lot about learning to connect in an authentic and engaging way.

Let’s make something together.