Portrait Challenge

Please find one of the beginner classes that I do with my students when they first start working with me. I suggest that if you are wanting to improve your value studies then you attempt this exercise!

This exercise attempts to address the following questions through practise and isolating some of the problem areas.

  1. How does one approach portraits?
  2. How do you want to approach portraits?
  3. Where could you improve?

The exercise is as follows:

30 minutes4 x 6 minutes studies trying different techniques.
1 x 6 minute discussion
30 minutes1 x 15 minutes
15 minute break1 x 6 m explain.
30m1 x 30m
1 x 6m discussion
30mQuestions, practising difficulties.

During the discussion sessions we talk about where the difficulty areas are, and I show you some neat tricks on how to improve your visual awareness with portraits.

If you’re interested in doing a 1 on Facilitated session, or are interested in joining a group, please check the Classes & Commissions section.

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