Online Figure Drawing

So it’s been a while since the Figure Drawing crew has been together. The Academy of Digital Arts and Cape Town, South Africa, has been in lock-down, and though they’ve recently opened up for those who wanted to go in to use the PC’s, but we can safely say that life is not going back to normal any time soon – so this has necessitated adapting to the online world. I was a bit nervous to start, but now that we have, I’m really excited to do more!

Myself, and a few other people from figure drawing have been saying that they’ve been missing the classes. Personally I’ve always found it a good way to step out of my head and onto the paper – regardless of the quality of the drawings; and to be able to talk about what I’m thinking and feeling with a group of people looking to improve their drawing creates a really comfortable and safe space.

Back when I was Facilitating I learnt that it was super important to prepare, and since I was feeling a bit nervous for this session, I thought I’d prepare a handy resources toolkit so that the class would know what to expect.

Jodi, our model (who also has a degree in Fine Arts, in addition to her stunning Burlesque experience) is wonderful to work with since she puts herself inside the shoes of the artists drawing and thinks about new and interesting angles to create.

This created a seamless session of drawing where we all (including me) could let go of the past and future, and just think about what was in front of us – the blank page, a few lines, and there you go! Drawings have been made.

Thanks so much to The Academy of Digital Arts, the academy where I’m currently studying, for making these sessions possible!

If you’d like to book a spot, please don’t hesitate to get in contact!

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