About the process

Creativity is part of a process that becomes richer with the passing of time and the accumulation of content from the process in question. I am curious about the accumulation of processes within the world; as all human achievement arises out of a repeated activity wherein repetition and reiteration help one to learn where the successes and failures can be found. The same is true of art, music, events and any other skill you might want to acquire. There is a difference between knowing about something, and knowing something.

Having grown up in Johannesburg; in many ways a very internal and private space, I sought to explore the community spaces that Cape Town has offered, and, inspired by a talk from Hagar Graiser on Music Industry Citizenship, I’ve been aiming to imagine what Music and Art Industry Citizenship might look like.

This has led to a 3 tiered approach in my art practise – on the one level is my own personal investment and involvement in music and art, and on the next level is my attempt to grow some sort of community feeling or atmosphere through organising and initiating events in and around Cape Town.

On this site you will find some of the work I’ve made, facilitated, initiated, or been involved in. Some may include reflections, and some may not.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved please let me know at charliemartinsonsa@gmail.com